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Draw You As Saiyan!

Would you like to be drawn as a Dragon Ball character? We will draw you in the DB anime style in high resolution! Perfect as a gift to yourself or gift to your friends and family. Feel free to order with any details you'd like included, you can also send a photo as a reference!
Please describe what you'd like drawn, for example: "Draw me in Goku's outfit, with Super Saiyan blue hair, pose kamehameha, in color " so we know exactly what you'd like.
Price for full drawing of you as a Saiyan: 25$ with optional add-ons:
  - Add any color Aura, electricity, power up color (any color) $5
  - Add background by your request $5 (planet Namek, Supreme Kai World, King        Kai Planet, Janemba World, etc.) 
  - Add 1 pet/animal or object (car, dog, weapon etc) $10
  - Include Source file for editing (.psd) $10

Want to be drawn as a Saiyan? DM @official.dragonballz instagram or email :)!
Checkout some examples and happy customers art done!
Want to be drawn as a Saiyan? DM @official.dragonballz on instagram, or email :)!
Thank you all and have a wonderful day!